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Ask Jason - FAQs

  • I threw my box away and don’t have any of my information.  What can I do? Most of the information is available on our website. You can visit our Product Reference Documents. Basco AquaGlideXP and Basco warranty information is online in the Warranty and Care section. Feel free to contact us to request that documents be sent to you. Back to Top
  • What is the process for installing a shower door? Ourinstallation guides will take through the process step by step or utilize our Where to Buy page to find a distributor in your area that offers installation. Back to Top
  • What is the process for installing a filler? Fillers can be purchased for out of level conditions for either the threshold of your tub or shower or your walls. Our instruction guides will assist with the process of installation. Back to Top
  • During installation, where should the caulk be applied? Different models require caulking at different points check the Installation Instructions online here. Back to Top
  • During installation, should a particular type of caulk be used? Clear Silicon, read the manufacturers suggestion for use to make sure it is compatible with all materials it will be in contact with. Back to Top
  • How much caulk is recommended? A 3/8" diameter bead is suggested. Back to Top
  • Where do I purchase the caulk? Any local full service hardware store will have a large selection for all applications. Back to Top
  • Is there a particular brand of caulk that is recommended? No, but you should read the label closely to make sure it is compatible with the application. Back to Top
  • What steps can be taken to fix a tub that is out of level? We have a tapered leveling strap to level up the bottom track.  When ordering, indicate how much surface is out of level. Back to Top
  • What do I do about a wall that is out of plumb? If your wall is 3/8" or more out of plumb, we recommend a tapered wall filler/part #SCX850.  You should order for how much wall is out of plumb and what side (right/left) and for the model of shower door you have. Back to Top
  • For missing parts, what steps should be taken for replacement? Please locate the order number and model number from your unit as well as the part description from your installation instruction sheet if available.   Call or email customer service and we would be happy to assist you. Back to Top
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