Infinity 1822 Frameless Swing Shower Door

Application: Shower
Door Type: Swing Door
Frame type: Frameless
Opening: 36" - 60"
Height: 76"
Door Pull: Traditional
Glass Thickness: 1/4"
Hinge: Continuous
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Towel Bar: Handle/Towel Bar Combination (Optional)


Infinity Handle Infinity Handle
Infinity Clear Drip System Infinity Clear Drip System
Infinity Handle/Towel Bar Combo (Optional) Infinity Handle/Towel Bar Combo (Optional)
Infinity Continuous Hinge Infinity Continuous Hinge
Infinity Continuous Hinge French Doors 1822 Clear Glass Wrought Iron
Infinity Continuous Hinge French Doors 1822 Clear Glass Wrought Iron

Finish Options

Almond Enlarge
Antique Pewter Enlarge
Antique Pewter
Bronze Enlarge
Brushed Bronze Enlarge
Brushed Bronze
Brushed Nickel Enlarge
Brushed Nickel
Burnished Copper Enlarge
Burnished Copper
Chrome Enlarge
Gold Enlarge
Oil Rubbed Bronze Enlarge
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Satin Nickel Enlarge
Satin Nickel
White Enlarge
Wrought Iron Enlarge
Wrought Iron

Glass Options

Clear Enlarge
AquaGlideXP Clear Enlarge
AquaGlideXP Clear
Rain Enlarge
Vessence Enlarge
Clear Etched Enlarge
Clear Etched
Fluted Enlarge
Strata Enlarge
Reflections Enlarge
Autumn Enlarge
Silk Enlarge
Tempest Enlarge

List Prices

  1. Select the Glass Type you prefer on the Left.
  2. Select the Frame Color you prefer on the Top.
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Chrome Gold Antique Pewter Brushed Nickel Oil Rubbed Bronze Satin Nickel Almond Bronze Brushed Bronze Burnished Copper White Wrought Iron
Clear $1314 $1365 $1622 $1692
Rain $1466 $1518 $1774 $1844
Vessence $1466 $1518 $1774 $1844
Clear Etched $1466 $1518 $1774 $1844
Fluted $1551 $1603 $1859 $1929
Strata $1551 $1603 $1859 $1929
Reflections $1551 $1603 $1859 $1929
Autumn $1721 $1773 $2029 $2099
Silk $1721 $1773 $2029 $2099
Tempest $1721 $1773 $2029 $2099
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Frame Color:
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Pring Order Worksheet
All prices are Manufacturer's Suggested List Prices in U.S. dollars. Price reflects standard sizes with standard features. Additional charges may apply for custom sizes and optional features/accessories. Please see your dealer for details.

For any variation to standard sizes add $407.00 to the 1422 list price & use unit number 1422-OO (model number may be altered to best fit your specifications at time of order). Specify desired width & height. (Maximum size - 72"w x 84"h. Please contact Customer Service for height restrictions on oversize Clear Beveled units.)

Units feature a C Pull Handle. To substitute a C Pull/Towel Bar Combination prefix the unit number with the letter [C], specify hinge side, left or right and add $138.00 list. For example - C1822CLSN

AquaGlideXP is also available for all other glass patterns for an additional $158.00 per unit. Prefix the Unit Number with the letters AG to select this option. For example - AG1822EEBN


Installation Documents

pdfInstallation Instructions (PDF, 0.89 MB)

Specification Sheets

pdfSpecification Sheet (PDF, 0.21 MB)