AquaGlideXP Shower Glass Protection Coating

AquaGlideXP Glass revolutionizes the way shower doors stay clean.

Basco's new glass option, AquaGlideXP Clear, features an enhanced version of the popular AquaGlide glass protection coating. This patented new formula uses breakthrough technology to ensure your beautiful shower door will stay like new with a clean that lasts. The enhanced protection of AquaGlideXP is also available for any of Basco's other 10 glass patterns.

The revolutionary ultra-protective coating bonds to the glass and keeps it in pristine condition by repelling moisture, soap film and spotting. There is no need to use a squeegee or harsh chemicals. Cleaning is as easy as spraying the door with water and towel drying after each use. 

View a short video demonstrating the benefits of AquaGlideXP on YouTube:

  • Exclusively from Basco, an innovative and environmentally responsible new glass offering with a patented, break-through technology
  • Now backed by a ten-year warranty when factory applied
  • Ultra-protective coating bonds with the glass:
         – Increases sheen and luster
         – Repels soap film, spotting and mineral deposits
         – Reduces moisture: minimizes mold and mildew
  • Easy to clean:
         – Simply spray with water and towel dry after each use
         – We recommend that no spray cleaners other than AquaGlideXP Maintain Spray be used on treated glass
         – Reduces maintenance by 60-70%
To ensure long-lasting beauty and warranty protection, Basco strongly recommends the AquaGlideXP Maintenance Wash.

With minimal care, your shower enclosure will stay clean for years to come.