Frequently Asked Questions

  • I threw my box away and don’t have any of my information.  What can I do? Most of the information is available on our website. You can visit our Product Reference Documents. Basco AquaGlideXP and Basco warranty information is online in the Warranty and Care section. Feel free to contact us to request that documents be sent to you. Back to Top
  • Can doors and parts be ordered online? Replacement parts can be ordered via our online parts store.  Please note that all parts are non-returnable. We do not sell doors through Basco's website, please select a distributor near you from our Where to Buy page.  Doors can also be purchased through these online distributors: and Back to Top
  • For missing parts, what steps should be taken for replacement? Please locate the order number and model number from your unit as well as the part description from your installation instruction sheet if available.   Call or email customer service and we would be happy to assist you. Back to Top
  • What do you recommend for cleaning my shower door? We recommend that you have your shower door treated with AquaGlideXP at the factory before you receive it.  Similar to other dirt repellants for cars and carpet it works as a shield against dirt buildup and keeps your door looking new longer, water and grime simply bead up and roll off.  You can also purchase an after purchase kit that you can apply yourself. Back to Top
  • Are there any type of cleaning tools that are effective? The Cleret squeegee is a preferred way to clean the shower enclosure glass for  many of our customers.  Simply run it over the glass after each shower to keep your glass sparkling. Back to Top
  • Do you recommend any type of Spray Cleaners for cleaning my shower door? If you choose not to protect your unit with AquaGlideXP, we have extensively tested Lysol Bathroom Cleaner, as it will not harm your aluminum or glass.  Many strong cleaners in the market could damage your unit. Back to Top
  • What type of product warranty does Basco offer? To read about our commitment to you, visit our Warranty page. Back to Top
  • When does my warranty start? Your warranty starts when you have purchased your product. We ask that you register your warranty online at either HERE for a Roda Enclosure, or HERE for a Basco Enclosure, or you can contact Customer Service toll free at 1-800-452-2726. If not registered, proof of purchase is required. Back to Top
  • Can the warranty be transferred? No, because there's no need for it to transfer. The warranty is attached to the shower door, and is for the benefit of the original purchaser. Back to Top
  • Where can I get a copy of Basco's warranty information? You can retrieve warranty information online HERE for a Basco Enclosure, or HERE for a RODA Enclosure, or you may contact Customer Service toll free at 1-800-452-2726 and they will assist you in locating warranty information. Back to Top
  • What type of questions will Customer Service ask when I call in for a warranty replacement part? Customer Service will obtain as much information as possible to verify the product warranty and to insure the correct replacement product is sent out.
    Examples of the types of questions that could be asked are:
    1. What is the model # of your shower door?
    2. Did you register your shower door at time of purchase?
    3. Do you have your registration number?
    4. Please describe the problem with your shower door.
    5. When did you first notice the problem?
    6. Have you attempted to fix the problem on your own and if so, please describe?
    7. Where did you purchase your shower door?
    8. When did you purchase your shower door?
    9. We encourage you to send pictures of the shower door and/or parts to customer service to along with the information above to further ensure the best resolution for your concern.
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  • What wear parts are not included in Basco's warranty? A list of Wear Parts excluded from our warranty can be found online. Please click HERE. Back to Top
  • Will I be responsible for any shipping and handling charges for my replacement parts? For Wear Parts (click here for Wear Parts List) or components for units over one year, shipping and handling charges will apply. Back to Top
  • Can I place an order for parts online? Yes. Please visit our online Parts Store at Please note that all parts are non-returnable. Back to Top